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GL.iNet is a leading developer of reliable networking devices. We offer a great selection of WiFi routers featuring pre-installed OpenWrt and powered by cutting-edge technology to offer our customers an unparalleled level of network security and optimized network control. We partnered with like-minded companies around the globe to provide products of exceptional quality and support services. Our vision is to build a smarter lifestyle with our products.

GL-USB150 Microuter GL-USB150
GL-AR150 White GL-AR150
GL-MT300N-V2 Mango GL-MT300N-V2
microuter-N300 - microuter-N300
GL-AR300M Series Shadow GL-AR300M Series
GL-AR750 Creta GL-AR750
GL-AR750S Slate GL-AR750S
GL-MT1300 Beryl GL-MT1300
GL-SFT1200 Opal GL-SFT1200
GL-XE300 Puli GL-XE300
GL-X750 Spitz GL-X750
GL-E750 Mudi GL-E750
GL-X1200 Amarok GL-X1200
GL-B1300 Convexa-B GL-B1300
GL-S1300 Convexa-S GL-S1300
GL-AP1300 Cirrus GL-AP1300
GL-B2200 Velica GL-B2200
WiFi Repeater
Ethernet Port
Ext. USB Modem
MicroSD Slot
Built-in Battery
Dual-band WiFi
SIM Card
Gigabit Port
Mesh WiFi
Ext Antenna
Mode Switch
GPIO Count 0 4 4 0 2 4 4 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 2 0 0
Built-in Zigbee
Built-in Bluetooth
Optional features / OEM possible
Supported with the docking station

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Super exciting news. P0RTAL hardware devices are going to be commercially available; in less than a week! I’ve worked with GL.iNet as a security and privacy advisor. For years the goal has been to create a privacy router. Finally the technology is up to the task and ready
THE GRUGQ Security Researcher
We spent the last week traveling with a super small travel router with OpenVPN built in. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do. Great way to create a local LAN and have security while traveling.
The GL-AR300M mini travel router turns out to have been a good idea. Weak AirBnB wifi signal circumvented = happy family. Very good kit.
My preferred manufacturer of portable routers @GLiNetWiFi just joined Twitter 2 days ago. Highly recommend their products (specs, firmware, support, pricing).
There’s a lot of super cheap no-name Chinese OpenWRT routers out there. The GL.iNet AR-150 is one worth getting. USB power, external antenna option, clean interface, easy setup, wired WAN and LAN ports, USB over Ethernet support, full LUCI backend.
外部の有線LANおよびWiFiに接続でき、2ポートのNICとWiFiで小回線に接続できる素晴らしさ。 特にinbound の通信をすべて弾いてくれルノは頼もしいです。また、ホテルで有線LANで接続すると、本機によるWiFi接続を独占できるため、とても早い通信が可能になるのが素晴らしいです。 OSがOpenWrtなので、色々いじり回せそうなのがとても楽しみです。
宮﨑悟 Customer
Évolution du routeur GL.inet MiFi désormais dans un boîtier. Routeur motorisé par #OpenWRT avec 4G/WiFi 2xEthernet & USB. Partenaire idéal pour accès Internet multi-interface et hacker en mobilité. Atheros AR9331/ Modem LTEQuectel EC25-E / Batterie 5Ah / RAM 64Mo / Flash 16Mo
*This* is the first travel router I've tried that doesn't step on its own toes or have crappy connection / ssid scanning / bandwidth issues. It does the job of a travel router well. It has the main features I want - ability to bridge to hotel wifi at 2.4 or 5.8ghz easily and easily clone your login device's mac address via a menu option.
Nick Shaffner Customer
I have only had it for 3 hours and up for 2 hours, but WOW is it awesome. The Wireguard integration is AWESOME! I can now access my home network and not have to setup my old TP-Link (that only allows 1-9,aA-zZ,_,- for passwords) and feel confident that with openwrt running it that I will be able to work through any issues and be secure without dedication and whole server.
Omadna Customer
This works great for carrying around a private network that you can create anywhere. Since it stores WAN connections, I can plug it in at home or at work and have the same private LAN. Also works great in hotels, you just need to set up the WAN from the gateway address. Very easy.
Clarke Customer
Surprisingly excellent for the price / size. It's good enough to cover my 1BR apartment with concrete walls. It also (so far) has not required the periodic reboots, unlike most other home routers I've owned. It also offers some extra features for power users, hidden in the UI. Definitely recommended.
Howard Alex Lahurreau Customer
I tried to set a vpn server at my home and found this product. Running openwrt makes it very flexible and easy to configure. Most importantly, it can reach a high vpn speed for my private vpn access. I can access my home network easily without interruption when I am traveling. Nice box with fantastic functions.
Vivian Liu Customer
Cool feature of the Mango - Automatic polling of WireGuard severs from your provider of choice.
Jake Customer
Der Router wird seinem Preis von über € 140 gerecht wenn man sich A damit auskennt und B alle Funktionen nützt die er bietet. Sehr viele VPN Anbieter stehen zur Wahl, er ist sehr schnell, besitzt einen USB Port für einen Internet Stick und ist sehr klein, man kann Ihn überall mitnehmen. Sicherheit steht hier an 1.Stelle
Sini Customer
GL-MT300N v2 "Mango" and I didn't realize how small it is! I placed the SD card adapter in the pic for scale.
Mr Bill Customer
now it totally is a mobile privacy router with tethered Atom phone...
エル🖕🏻ケンタロウ Customer
travel routers and they have been great. Other vendors OEM'ing them is probably a pretty good sign of reliability. Adding a Mango to the collection would make it easier to find in backpack.
C Craft Customer
It is fantastic. In really little time I was bypassing that annoying caotive portal that was keeping me from using my TV. It consumes really little power and it's very effective and simple to use.
Jorge Alberto Díaz Orozco Customer
Geweldig product alleen er had een extra gebruiks aanwijzing bij gemogen hoe je VPN in je router instaleerd vooreerst top *****. 5stars
Dutch90's Customer
VPNがビルトインされているトラベルルータです。そしてこの価格はとんでもなくお買い得だと思います。 このVPN機能の何が嬉しいかというと、2点と思います。 1. ホテルの公衆Wi-Fiで誰かが通信を覗かれているリスクの低減 2. いつでもどこでも日本のオフィスの環境へのアクセスができる
ああとまと Customer
スマホやパソコン、ゲーム機を複数もって外出しているときに、外出先にあるWiFiに繋ごうとするとそれぞれでWiFi設定を行わなければならず面倒です。 また、WiFiじゃなくて有線LANコネクタだけが提供されてるような場合、スマホやゲーム機をつなげません。
おさかな Customer