What’s New in SDK4.5

The main changes in version 4.5 include optimized network detection, improved VPN functionality, enhanced parental controls, and bug fixes. Click the button to experience the download.

Updated models

MT3000、MT2500、A1300、AX1800、AXT1800、X300B(Contain RS485)、MT6000(Contain Bark)
tips:"()" refers to only this model having launched this feature.



Low Data Mode

Compared to regular mode, Low Data Mode is more user-friendly for users who are charged based on their data usage (broadband/mobile devices). This mode only detects interfaces that are marked as having faults and is recommended for users who want to control their data consumption. However, one drawback is that reconnecting after a network disconnection may be slightly slower compared to the regular mode.

Sensitivity Options

If the network is stable, recommend users to use high sensitivity when watching videos, gaming, etc., and quickly switch to backup network when disconnected. If the network is unstable, use low sensitivity to prevent continuous switching, which can lead to no network connection. Use low sensitivity when network is unstable but needs to handle some download tasks.


TAP S2S mode

After enabling TAP S2S mode, the OpenVPN client device can remotely access the OpenVPN server device, and the OpenVPN server device can also remotely access the OpenVPN client device. However, the downside is that the VPN rules set by the OpenVPN client themselves will not take effect after enabling TAP S2S mode.

Client to Client

Wireguard clients can access data from each other,not side to side,users can access internal network devices at home or in the office while remote, and the data access of the wireguard server is safer than port forwarding due to encrypted processes, and once connected, the process is more stable and faster.

Add configuration types

The configuration file type supports the input of username and password and askpass, which is compatible with more OpenVPN providers.

Optimizing Wireguard Interaction

Allow deleting accounts with a prompt to also delete public keys and configuration files.
Allow deleting all configuration files with one click and provide a prompt to also delete public keys.

Parental Control

Bark Parental Control

Bark features monitoring functionality for over 24 different applications and social media networks, which serves as a pre-set list of users under our local parental control feature.

With its logging function, it knows which client accessed which website during which time period, making it convenient for parents to view the logs and identify websites that are not in the blacklist list, and promptly add them to the scope of management control.



Add a Security page that includes security configurations for both local and remote controls. The local control feature can prevent scanning and intrusion attempts on the default port. After enabling remote access, specific locations can be set to allow access, such as enabling remote access to home devices only from the office, sacrificing convenience for improved security.

Client Isolation

You can isolate your network's client devices into a separate network area. These devices cannot communicate with other devices on the network.

Support IPoE

This settings entry is only required if the provider's PPPoE server requires the interface to use a tagged specific VLAN ID.

Full Cone NAT &SIP ALG

Full Cone NAT can be used to reduce game latency, but enabling Full Cone NAT may be less secure.

SIP ALG can be used to mitigate the effects of multiple NATs, but in most cases it will not help. Enabling SIP ALG may affect VoIP calls such as one-way audio (only one party can hear the other), phones not ringing during a call, phones dropping while connected, and calls going directly to voicemail.

Optimizing LAN

Supports switching DHCP on/off and configuring common DHCP parameters.

Preview Plan

Enable the switch to get latest unstable updates, patches, improvements, and enhancements as soon as they're available. Set it once and it stays on (you always have the option to turn it off later).