Connecting Recreational Vehicles to the Internet

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Recreational Vehicles offer people a combination of a comfortable road trip and camping experience, these vehicles are an opportunity for people to enjoy an off-grid lifestyle. However, few people would find the need to own a recreational vehicle because most people only go on vacations once in a while. Therefore, the demand for rental recreational vehicles has rapidly risen for the past few years as people are looking for an occasional off-grid lifestyle experience.

Rental companies design their recreational vehicles to closely resemble a home environment, including offering a shower place, a fully-fledged kitchen, and most importantly staying connected to the internet during the road trip. The challenge is, recreational vehicles are designed to travel away from cities, they are often under a minimal internet infrastructure environment to maintain a strong internet connection.

Project Requirements

Our partner in the RV rental industry is looking to install powerful network devices on their fleet of recreational vehicles for connecting to the internet. The requirements are:

Strong Cellular Connection

The device needs a 4G LTE network, and must be powerful to maintain fast and reliable connection under minimal internet infrastructure environments.

Secured Network

An increasing number of RV rental customers are working remotely during their road trips, they are looking for secured internet connections for protecting their personal information and work data during their road trips.

Remote Device Management

Network maintenance during an active rental is challenging because there is no physical access to the network device during a road trip. The device must feature remote access and configuring settings.



The most suitable device for this scenario is Cirrus GL-AP1300LTE 4G LTE wireless access point. Cirrus offers a powerful long range 4G LTE speed of 400Mbps (2.4GHz) + 867Mbps (5GHz) for vehicles even in remote locations. It is also equipped with two external antennas for extending its range and wall penetration capabilities. The device is equipped with MU-MIMO mass device connectivity for heavy internet usage on multiple devices simultaneously.

In response to the challenges of remote maintenance, Cirrus GL-AP1300LTE features our GoodCloud remote device management platform, even under 4G LTE network. Using GoodCloud, our partner can respond to maintenance requests during RV rentals by remote accessing the access point’s terminal via SSH. GoodCloud can also remotely upgrade Cirrus’ firmware in batch and display analytical data on network traffic.

Currently, Cirrus GL-AP1300LTE is widely used in the transportation industry due to its reliable 4G LTE connection and batch remote access and management capabilities.