Corporate VPN Solutions for Remote Access

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In recent years, most industries are experiencing a pressured adaptation of new network technologies since COVID-19 due to the increase in remote workforce and demand for remote network resources. The drastic adjustment on network infrastructure for coping with the sudden increase of endpoint devices is posing a new range of challenges to these companies. The ideal network infrastructure would grant remote workforce access to the company's local resources from anywhere, and refrain exposure to additional network security risks, even under co-working space or public Wi-Fi environments.

In response to these challenges, most companies are storing their common resources on cloud servers for their remote workforce, and critical resources in local servers restricted for their local workforce.

Project Requirements

Our partner, a manufacturer in large-scale machinery equipment such as vehicle paint booths is looking for a secure network solution to remotely manage endpoint devices from multiple facilities and work-from-home workforce.

The quality of vehicle paint booths is heavily relied on its software to customize the specifications of the equipment depending on the painting scenarios. Even after the product is delivered to its clients, the paint booths must retain a secure and real-time communication with the headquarters for software upgrades, remote diagnostics, and maintenance.

Our client has their own VPN servers,

The network infrastructure must have the following requirements:

  1. Remote accessing features
  2. device must have pre-installed VPN module
  3. 4G module as the backup of the network
  4. Our partner has their own master VPN server; a separate VPN client is necessary to transmit data from the Paint Booths to their master VPN server.



To overcome the challenges of our partner, we selected GL-X300B - our 4G LTE Industrial Wireless Gateway that supports RS485 interface with an optional IoT module.

We deployed one GL-X300B gateway to the LAN port of each paint booth sites. The GL-X300B gateways from each site first encrypts the paint booth data packets with a pre-installed VPN service, the data is then transmitted to the company’s master VPN server, then redirected to the headquarters office.

GL-X300B is pre-installed with highly customizable open-source OpenWrt, enabling our partner to design secondary development on the gateway’s firmware, cloud management platform and admin panel. The device is equipped with external full band 4G antennas and an aluminium alloy shell, perfect for deploying in harsh and hazardous environments. GL-X300B is also pre-installed with OpenVPN & WireGuard, supporting 30+ VPN services, enabling our partner to easily dock our VPN clients to their VPN master server.