Mass Wi-Fi Connectivity for Co-Working Space

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The hotel industry took the hardest hit from COVID-19 due to the prolonged depression of the tourism industry. Hotels across the world are repurposing their excessive occupied rooms to offer co-working spaces to compensate for the lack of tourists. By taking advantage of epidemic related government funds offered in some countries, large hotel brands gain the flexibility of utilizing such cash flow to repurpose rooms and implement new management specialists for the business model.

Project Requirements

Our partner, an international hotel chain management company, is looking for a Wi-Fi network infrastructure for its newly refurbished co-working space. All customers using the Wi-Fi will login to a unique portal application designed by our partner.

The requirements of the network are:

  1. Backup network connections to avoid interrupted service
  2. The internet service is important to small businesses renting the co-working space area, an unstable service leaves a bad impression on small business customers especially if their business depends on uninterrupted service.

  3. Network encryption and security
  4. A high level of network security is necessary. The internet traffic of business clients contains sensitive information, stolen data due to the lack of reasonable level of security may cause our partner liability.

  5. Remote access and management from headquarter office
  6. Our partner is refurbishing co-working space from multiple offices, remotely configuring the routers can simplify the maintenance and firmware upgrade progress.



The facility requires an access point network to provide customers with Wi-Fi connection. We selected the wall and ceiling mount access point Cirrus GL-AP1300LTE due to its high performance and network connection. Cirrus provides a 4G LTE backup connection in case of ethernet network failure, ensuring an uninterrupted Wi-Fi network for customers.

Cirrus also supports MU MIMO (multi-user, multiple input, multiple output) connection for mass connectivity, and all of GL.iNet's routers also support high speed encryption for 30+ VPN services, protecting customers' personal information and network data.

Before deployment, all access points are uploaded to our GoodCloud platform, our remote device management platform for remote access terminals, batch firmware upgrades and network analytics. Although our partner has multiple co-working spaces, keeping the network infrastructure in a centralized management platform simplifies the maintenance process and reduces maintenance expense.