Smart Home IoT Mesh Network Using Thread Protocol

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Traditional IoT protocols such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth face an increasing challenge of network congestion as the number of connected devices grows. As more devices are connected to the same network, the bandwidth available to each device decreases, leading to slow speeds and poor connection.

The problem of network congestion is problematic to smart homes or buildings located in densely populated cities, mass deployed devices in manufacturing facilities, or high noise or interference environments in data centers or server rooms.

The Thread Protocol is a low-power, secure, and scalable protocol designed specifically for IoT devices. It is able to address a wide range of network issues that traditional devices face by offering an increase in stability and reliability as more devices are connected to the same network, making it the ideal solution for large-scale deployments.


S200 Diagram

Hardware Setup

GL.iNet’s GL-S200 is a Thread Border Router that supports both Bluetooth and Thread protocols. One or multiple GL-S200 devices can be deployed within a smart home network, establishing a mesh connection with all IPv6 smart home devices. In addition, GL-S200 is also compatible with older smart home devices running on Bluetooth protocols. GL-S200 combines both Thread and Bluetooth devices and uploads data gathered from the devices to its remote device management platform.

Integrate Thread into IoT Devices

The GL-S200 Gateway offers a convenient way to integrate the Thread protocol into IoT devices. It offers an optional pre-configured Thread Development Board that enables data transfer with the gateway's Thread protocol via UART, SPI, and I2C integration with IoT end devices. Additionally, an optional testing module is also available, it includes a variety of sensors and control interfaces, such as push & turn dial, RGB light, PIR, Humidity, Temperature, and atmospheric pressure.

Iot Mesh Diagram

Learn more about GL-S200 and its specifications:

Remote Management Setup

GL-S200 includes our GoodCloud services - a remote device management platform. Simply mass import all smart home devices to the platform by the devices’ MAC address for remote monitoring, configuration, batch management or upgrade, analytics, receiving notifications on custom actions or status, and more.

Learn more about GoodCloud remote device management platform:

Automatic Network Recover & Optimal Pathfinding

GL-S200’s connected devices seek the most efficient path using the fewest nodes for connecting to external internet networks. In the scenario of a single or multiple nodes experiencing an interrupted network, IoT devices within the connected network will automatically seek the next optimal path with the lowest latency for connecting to external networks.

S200 Multiple Hops

Alerts & Notifications

Our remote device management platform supports custom alerts and notifications for IoT devices within GL-S200’s connected network. Receive email or text alerts when a client device (Eg. wireless security camera or smart locks) disconnects or goes online.

Customization and White Label Service


GL-S200 runs on OpenWrt v21.02, our proprietary firmware based on OpenWrt. It supports more than 5000 ready-made plug-ins for customization. Simply browse, install, and manage packages with our no-code interface within GL-S200’s Admin Panel at

White Label

GL-S200, its Admin Panel, and GoodCloud remote device management platform are all available for white label services, including custom logos, silk printings, custom packages, interface, and more. Feel free to contact our account managers to inquire about the terms and extent of our customization services.

Learn more about GL.iNet’s white label & customization services:

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