GoodCloud S2S

A simplified SDN (software-defined network) for multiple offices collaboration

The Challenge

As more and more small businesses race to expand market shares, they hire talents not only locally but also globally.

In order to increase the work efficiency and synergy among teams, small business practitioners try to work remotely or on-the-go, but most of the current enterprise solutions do not meet their requirement of low budget and highly customization.

It is expensive and complicated to establish good communication between teams working towards the common goal.

A Simple SDN Solution for You

GoodCloud S2S (Site-to-Site) is a simplified SDN (Software-Defined Network) for multiple office collaboration with minimum investment while keeping the same level of security, elasticity and automation.

Easy Sites Linking

Deliver a simple and automatic way to link your multiple networks into one without sophisticated technologies

Auto Deployment

Enable zero-touch branch network deployment with automation

Keep Alive after IP changes

Network self-healing during IP changes

Security and Privacy

Network monitoring and analysis to ensure security and privacy

Application Scenarios

Virtual Office

  • Company X has multiple offices and wants to share the same NAS in office A
  • Company X owns 6 employees and no physical office. X wants its employees to share files easily.
  • Engineer Alan has a Mysql database in his production office and he wants to access it from R&D office.
  • Company M has a local Trueconf server and wants to have a 4K video conference

Key benefit

  • Multiple office as one
  • Sharing local resource
  • Work from home made easy
  • Transferring big files is fast and easy

Business Travel

  • Harlan is on business travel and he wants to access the OA system which can only be accessed locally
  • Amy is on business trip and wants to access ERP and CRM system which can only be accessed locally
  • John is on business trip and he wants to connect to his Linux machine to compile programs
  • Photographer John is on business trip and he wants to send his video and photos back to the office to share in time

Key benefit

  • Work as in office while travelling
  • Enhance your security while travelling
  • Do not loose your access to office resources while travelling

Smart Home

  • Control to turn on and off the home IP camera and store its videos into home NAS.
  • Instead of through internet, you could access to smart home appliances connected to LAN network remotely by Site to Site.
  • You could turn on camera in bedroom to surveil your baby’s sleeping condition with ease because Site to site enables data and network security

Key benefit

  • Secure network, no third party involved
  • Private NAS available and secure as well.
  • Develop your own smart home logic / application / system without restrict by vendors


Low Cost

No need to pay for expensive dedicated lines , users could easily establish multi-sites networking by portable router devices.


Data transferring among sites are encrypted.


Support static routing table. No change to existing topology.


Manage and monitor multiple networks through central cloud platform.

Zero Configuration

With zero-configuration with automation with IP roaming self-healing, non-technical staff can set up easily.

Choose Your Devices

Convexa-B / GL-B1300

  • Office AC router with Quad-core CPU
  • Great Wireless performance with MU-MIMO and Mesh
  • Excellent encryption performance up to 190Mbps

Slate / GL-AR750S

  • Mini router with mobile capability
  • Excellent Wireless performance with Dual-Band Wi-Fi
  • Good encryption performance up to 60Mbps

Brume / GL-MV1000

  • Multi-purpose mini router with high computer power
  • Gigabit Ethernet, without Wi-Fi
  • Great encryption performance up to 280Mbps

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