Site-to-Site (SDWAN) Multiple Offices Collaboration Solution

Remote access to your internal business network securely

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Multiple Offices Collaboration Made Simple

Site-to-Site VPN systems are frequently used by companies with multiple offices in different geographical locations that may require access or use of the corporate network on an ongoing basis. With a site-to-site VPN, an organization or business can securely communicate via it's corporate network with a remote office to share communications and resources as if it was one single network. With our GoodCloud Site-to-Site (also known as software-defined network) features, you can easily establish a secure tunnel between multiple branches for internal communication and collaborate with your team members while working remotely. A typical Site-to-Site network is composed of GoodCloud Platform, Nodes and Site-to-Site User Equipment.


Simple, and Expandable.

GoodCloud is designed to help users to set up a site-to-site network on GoodCloud in simple steps. As your business grows, you might need to set up more Site-to-site networks for different purposes and it can all be done in GoodCloud without tedious configuration work.

Simple and Affordable
Secure and Expandable

Secure, and Affordable.

You can build a secure connection between your main node and all the sub-nodes under the network. It allows your team to stay secure wherever they are. The S2S feature is available on GoodCloud for FREE and it enables SMEs to leverage affordable public internet bandwidth for multiple office collaboration.

S2S Nodes Explained & Recommendations

Main Node

The S2S main node is usually a router with high performance and a public IP, which is placed at the headquarters. The main node is mainly for establishing an encrypted tunnel to each sub-node and act as an intermediary of encrypted communication among each sub-node in the business dataflow.

Sub Node

The S2S sub node is usually located at the branch offices to provide secure connection to other nodes. One or more sub-nodes can be added to the Site-to-Site network easily through GoodCloud. A new sub node can be configured in the cloud platform even when it is offline, it will be automatically connected to the Site-to-Site network when its power is on.

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