Wi-Fi, Networking and IoT in One System

Managing Router Devices Online Is Not Easy!

GoodCloud is a seamless online integration to help keep you moving fast and focused on your data analysis instead of the hassle of managing IoT devices.

Easy Device Registration

Router firmware is cloud ready. Registration can be completed in minutes.

Seamless Online Experience

With our elastic cloud framework with load balancing, enjoy a seamless online experience.

Actively Monitoring All Devices

Live monitoring of each device, including CPU, RAM, Load, Clients, etc.

Remote Set-up of Routers

Managing devices in group and batch configuring your Wi-Fi using templates.

Get the APP

With our smartphone APP, control your device on your palm. *

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Your Router, Data and Privacy

  • You control your router, not us. Bind it to your account and unbind anytime.
  • GoodCloud is GDPR compliance with servers in Europe, America and Asia. Your device is only available in your region.

Multiple Solutions in One System


GoodCloud is based on MQTT and you can connect your sensors real-time. Implement MQTT BLE bridge in minutes.

Big Data

GoodCloud is backed up with the Big Data framework. From this, you can manage your Wi-Fi network with traffic analysis. *

Site to Site

With a few clicks, you can just set up a Site-to-Site SDN (Software Defined Network). Connect and use! *

* Under Development

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