GL.iNet Security Assurance

At GL.iNet, our primary objective is to pioneer secure internet connectivity worldwide. We are dedicated to fostering trust among our customers by delivering products that prioritize security and safeguard user data privacy.

We highly value community feedback on security matters and proactively monitor our products to anticipate and mitigate emerging threats. Our ethos revolves around proactive security measures rather than reactive responses. We keep pace with the latest security developments through close collaboration with security researchers and industry stakeholders.

In alignment with our commitment to user protection, GL.iNet adopts a policy of disclosing security vulnerabilities within 90 days of discovery. Detailed vulnerability information will be disclosed within this timeframe. We pledge to promptly announce any security vulnerabilities and their corresponding fixes.

GL.iNet Product Lifecycle

In our pursuit of innovation, GL.iNet provides support for products up to TWO YEARS after their last manufacturing date, or longer if required by law. Upon reaching the end of their service life, products will no longer receive firmware updates, including security patches.

To access more information and view a list of products that have reached the end of their service life, please visit our legacy (EoL) product page.

Reporting Security Vulnerabilities

The GL.iNet Product Development Team conducts thorough investigations into all reported security vulnerabilities affecting GL.iNet products and services. If you are a security researcher who has identified a potential security flaw in a GL.iNet product or service, please contact our Technical Support Team at

Release dateSecurity Updates
29/04/2024Security Advisories (Vulnerabilities and CVEs) April 29, 2024
18/05/2023Security Advisories (Vulnerabilities and CVEs) May 18, 2023
01/12/2022Security Advisories (Vulnerabilities and CVEs) Dec 1, 2022