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Please go to Firmware Release on docs, to find your device for the firmware release note and download.

## v2.272


  1. GL-AR750 2.4G unstable connection

## v2.271


  1. Firmware checksum when upgrading online
  2. Optimizing repeater reconnect
  3. Modem fail to reset
  4. GL-AR750 will reboot after running a month+

##v2.27 (2018-04-13)

New Feature

  1. OpenVPN Server support
  2. 3G dongle/LTE auto configuration script support
  3. wisp bridge support


  1. Security vulnerabilities for gl-web
  2. Security vulnerabilities for luci
  3. Some other bugs


  1. Switch OpenWRT to LEDE source code



This is a temporary release that have security fixes:

  1. Fix KRACK vulnerabilities in WPA2, please refer to
  2. Fix seven flaws in Dnsmasq, please refer to this

This is an urgent release and it uses soft repo of v2.261. You may not be able to install kernel modules for v2.263.

##v2.261 (2017-07-07)

  1. Upgrade openvpn to 2.243 to fix some security issues
  2. Fix: data leak when changing openvpn profile
  3. Fix: reset modem in Chinese UI
  4. Fix: auto update firmware for MiFi and MT300N-V2
  5. Change copyright date
  6. Add Shadowsocks client and server in the default firmware, no UI

##v2.26 (2017-07-01)

  1. Add enabled 3G connection after disabled
  2. Add support for ttyACM*
  3. Add Modem support ZTE U620L
  4. Fix WAN port 83 cannot close bug
  5. Update verizon apn
  6. Support SSID which has leading and ending space
  7. Fix max WiFi password length setting
  8. Fix cannot display IP when using NCM for modem connection
  9. Upgrade to openvpn 2.4.0, support one-time password (have to use in ssh interactive mode).
  10. Add support for switch button settings from the UI, support router/bridge modem or turn on/off openvpn.
  11. Fix ovpn parser bug when there is commenting using.
  12. Add support to configure MT300N-V2 which using MTK proprietary
  13. fix multiple WAN failsafe in ARxx series
  14. Added shadowsocks client and server, need to configure manually
  15. Disable WAN access by default
  16. Add as virtual domain for the control panel
  17. Add pptp support and UI
  18. Upgrade hostapd version
  19. Fix MWAN3 for traffic control: Ethernet > Repeater > Tethering > Modem
  20. Various bug fix in the UI


  1. openvpn bug fix: private passphrase check
  2. add csrf token
  3. ui bug fix
  4. other improvement


  1. fixed openvpn config errors
  2. fixed various bugs
  3. fixed dns leaks when using custom dns

##v2.241 (removed)

  1. update openvpn version to 2.3.10
  2. remove auth-nocache in openvpn config, which break the connections when reconnect
  3. openvpn support ACE-256-CBC, which is used by some vpn providers recently
  4. fix dns leaks when using custom dns
  5. fix UI for MT750
  6. added mwan3 for multi-wan management
  7. some other small bug fix


  1. update openvpn config parser (but caused bugs)
  2. fixed various bugs in the UI