Secure and Ultra Fast Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Router for Home or Office

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Secure & Powerful Wi-Fi 6 Router

Flint (GL-AX1800) is a dual-band WiFi 6 router with connection speed up to 600Mbps(2.4G)+1200Mbps(5G). Flint (GL-AX1800) can host VPN servers or provide high performance secure network for mass device connection, high-speed data streaming, ultra-low latency gaming, and large office data transmission.

Max. 600Mbps (2.4G) + 1200Mbps(5G) Quick Wi-Fi Speeds
Excellent Security with VPN, IPv6 & WPA3
AdGuard Home Supported
Supports MU-MIMO

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Using Open technologies

Customize Your Own Wi-Fi 6 Router

Flint (GL-AX1800) comes with OpenWrt operating system. The root access is granted for users to fully customize and optimize your devices. The extra storage also brings you a local drive to store files, which is perfect for installing different applications.

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Enjoy Lag-Free Gaming With Superior Speed

Flint (GL-AX1800) provides you robust dual-band WiFi 6 connectivity with built-in security. Other than its speedy throughput of 600Mbps(2.4G)+1200Mbps(5G), it can deliver VPN speed up to 667 Mbps, giving you complete control over your gaming bandwidth. This resolves the major pain points that gamers experience and provides ultra-low latency gaming enhancements.

100+ devices connection for multiple office collaboration

Access Business Network Securely

Flint is perfect for multiple offices collaboration. Comes with Multi-User MIMO Technology, it provides a high-performance network with mass connection up to 100+ devices. It’s a perfect solution to handle all your network tasks, ensuring smooth video meetings with stable Wi-Fi speed. With IPv6 and WPA3, the next generation of Wi-Fi security, Flint can ensure all your company's sensitive data is encrypted and safely transmitted.

Faster, smoother networking experience

Upgrade Your Home Network

Flint is designed to be the safest Wi-Fi solution for your home. With its pre-installed AdGuard Home, it provides users with a smooth networking experience without being interrupted by repetitive ads and online trackers. Comes with 5-gigabit ports, you can enjoy better 4K video streaming, gaming, and video chatting with your friends and families.


No More Hackers, Access Home Network Securely

Flint provides the best encryption and authentication with OpenVPN & WireGuard®, just like our other GL.iNet products. Keeping your Internet connection private with multiple VPN protocol support. With our Web UI 3.0, you can set up a VPN server easily and access your files securely in a remote site as if you are at home.

WireGuard® is a registered trademark of Jason A.Donenfeld.

WireGuard VPN
Max. 667Mbps

Max. 112Mbps

* Tests conducted on a local network. Real world speeds may differ depending on your network configuration.
* OpenVPN speeds will be slower when running the device as a server. Results above are in client mode.

30+ Commercial VPN services provider
AdGuard on admin panel

AdGuard Home Supported

AdGuard Home is a dedicated Internet filtering software for blocking ads and online trackers. We integrated it with OpenWrt and Web UI for optimal control and management.

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AdGuard X GL.iNet

DNS Encryption with Cloudflare

Beryl supports Cloudflare DNS over TLS, it keeps users' online actions secure and private. DNS over TLS is a security protocol for encrypting and wrapping Domain Name System (DNS) queries and answers via the Transport Layer Security (TLS). The goal is to increase user privacy and security by preventing eavesdropping and manipulation of DNS data via man-in-the-middle attacks.

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Cloudflare X GL.iNet
Cloudflare DNS
WiFi 6
Gigabit Ethernet
VPN Server/Cilent
VPN Client/
OpenWrt Pre-installed
AdGuard Home
AdGuard Home


Interface 1 x WAN Ethernet port
4 x LAN Ethernet port
1 x USB 3.0 (Type-A)
1 x LED
1 x Sync Button
1 x Reset Button
1 x 12V/1.5A DC Input
CPU IPQ6000 1.2G Quad-core Processor
Memory / Storage DDR3L 512MB / NAND-FLASH 128MB
Antennas 4 x External Antennas
Protocol IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac/ax
Wi-Fi Speed 600Mbps (2.4GHz), 1200Mbps(5GHz)
Ethernet Port 5 x 10/100/1000M
LEDs Power and Internet
Power Input 12V/1.5A DC Input
Working Temperature 0 ~ 40°C (32 ~ 104°F)
Dimension / Weight 210 x 120 x 36.8mm

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