GL-MT300N-V2 Mango GL-MT300N-V2
GL-AR300M Shadow GL-AR300M Series
GL-SFT1200 Opal GL-SFT1200
GL-MT1300 Beryl GL-MT1300
GL-A1300 Slate Plus GL-A1300
GL-AXT1800 Slate AX GL-AXT1800
GL-MT3000 Beryl AX GL-MT3000
GL-mt2500-series Brume 2 GL-MT2500
GL-XE300 Puli GL-XE300
GL-X300B-BLE Collie GL-X300B
GL-X750V2 Spitz GL-X750V2
GL-X3000 Spitz AX GL-X3000
GL-X3000 Puli AX GL-XE3000
GL-E750 Mudi GL-E750
GL-B1300 Convexa-B GL-B1300
GL-AP1300 Cirrus GL-AP1300
GL-AX1800 Flint GL-AX1800
GL-B2200 Velica GL-B2200
GL-S10 GL-S10
GL-S200 GL-200
WiFi Repeater
Dual-band WiFi
Ethernet Port 2 2 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 2 5 2 1 2
USB Port USB 2.0 USB 2.0 USB 2.0 USB 3.0 USB 3.0 USB 3.0 USB 3.0 USB 3.0 USB 2.0 USB 2.0 USB 2.0 USB 2.0 USB 2.0 USB 3.0 USB 3.0
MicroSD Slot
Ext. USB Modem
WireGuard (Max.) 45Mbps 50Mbps 65Mbps 91Mbps 170Mbps 550Mbps 300Mbps 355Mbps 38Mbps 38Mbps 38Mbps 300Mbps 300Mbps 50Mbps 192Mbps 192Mbps 500Mbps 192Mbps
OpenVPN (Max.) 11Mbps 15Mbps 12Mbps 21Mbps 28Mbps 120Mbps 150Mbps 150Mbps 10Mbps 10Mbps 10Mbps 150Mbps 150Mbps 10Mbps 25Mbps 25Mbps 112Mbps 30Mbps
Built-in Battery *5000mAh 6400mAh/7.4V/47.4Wh 7000mAh
SIM Card Nano SIM card Standard SIM Card Micro SIM card 2 x Nano SIM card 2 x Nano SIM card Nano SIM card
Gigabit Port
Ext Antenna 2 2 2 2 2 3/5 2 6 6 4 1 2
Mesh WiFi
Toggle button
Built-in BLE Module
Built-in GPS
Built-in Thread
Optional features / OEM possible
Supported with the docking station

Remarks: Smartphone Tethering (not easytether)

Last Updated on Apr 7th, 2023