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eCommerce Specialist

Published Date: 19 Oct, 2020

Job duties

  • Work with product team for audio and video consumer electronics OEM/ODM development
  • Operate one or more eCommerce platforms (mainly Amazon), including product listing, inventory planning, customer support.
  • Monitor and analyse the performance of eCommerce platforms to develop online business development strategy with operation manager
  • Achieve sales target, Drives Net Revenue, Gross Margin
  • Complete ad-hoc tasks assigned by company.

Knowledge, Capabilities and Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline
  • Enthusiasm and love of audio and video consumer electronics; Experience in Audio and Video industry preferred
  • At least 2 years experience in eCommerce field
  • Good command of both written and spoken English and Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin)
  • Good communication skills and willing to communicate
  • Commercial and strategic thinking
  • Analytical
  • Shopper and consumer insights
  • Category and products knowledge
  • Active in social media such as online buying, selling, or trading
  • Occasionally travel to Shenzhen office may be required
  • Immediately available preferred

Interested parties please send resume to jobs@gl-inet.com

產品經理 (駐場深圳)

Published Date: 19 Oct, 2020


  • 在公司的市場品牌及產品設計部的總監之下,主要負責管理深圳設計師團隊,負責設計師的考核工作,參與產品研發討論,協調其他部門和任務分配;
  • 根據國內外3C電子產品市場流行元素和公司品牌的要求,進行市場和用戶調研,帶領團隊將產品從概念到具象化;
  • 有國際化的設計審美眼光,能夠指導設計團隊清晰表達和詮釋產品特色和賣點,不斷優化產品在國內外市場的形象;
  • 與公司的電商部合作,配合國內外電商經理的銷售要求,引導設計師將市場營銷目的具體化到產品設計上;
  • 協調設計和其他部門之間的工作,管理各類設計項目,按設計工作量做合理的時間規劃和預算分配;
  • 與市場營銷經理合作,收集國外市場的競爭產品信息,了解用戶的使用習慣,為新產品提供設計方向建議,參與討論評估和策劃新產品的上市計劃


  • 大學本科或碩士以上學歷,工業設計/人機互動/建築設計/多媒體設計等相關專業,有8年以上3C消費類電子硬件和配套軟件產品設計經歷,有路由器網關智能家居產品設計相關就業經驗優先;
  • 熱愛電子產品,對國內外電子3C市場有深刻的理解,經常使用多種國內外新媒體平台獲取產品資訊;
  • 良好的創新意識,流行訊息敏銳度高,對國內外電子產品市場流行趨勢有感性認識;
  • 熟練運用各類設計軟件,擁有深厚的產品設計知識,有給初級設計師做示範和培養其成長的經驗;
  • 性格開朗,思維活躍,強烈的責任心、上進心,工作主動積極;
  • 工作細心負責,工作效率高,有團隊協作精神,具有良好溝通能力和管理能力,能承受工作壓力;
  • 良好的產品設計經理專業素養:懂產品、懂用戶、懂市場、懂體驗;
  • 中英文書寫和口語流利,有歐美澳國外留學和工作經驗者優先考慮;

Interested parties please send resume to jobs@gl-inet.com

Frontend Developer

Published Date: 19 Oct, 2020

Job Description:

We are currently looking for a frontend developer to support our ongoing website redesign and optimization project. Candidates must have a strong understanding of front-end development and preferably have hands - on experience with SEO. It's critical that we work with someone with a strong attention to detail. Able to communicate clearly, be flexible, provide updates, work to tight deadlines and act upon feedback given.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for Website application designing, building, or maintaining.
  • Develop test routines in order to ensure that test cases mimic external interfaces and address all browser and device types
  • Identify problems uncovered, and correcting problems to appropriate correction
  • Support marketing team in terms of implementation of all analytics, tagging and tracking codes to an accurate level.
  • Perform Website updates and work closely with internal teammates
  • Ensure website is mobile responsive, through the website, technical support and all areas of the website sites.
  • Manage and co-ordinate business related activities and ad hoc tasks as assigned

Job Requirements:

  • Higher Diploma in Computer Science or related disciplines
  • With 1 - 3 years’ working experience in Web development
  • High level skill set in HTML/CSS/SCSS/Bootstrap/JS/
  • Experience with at least one modern JavaScript library (e.g. Vue, React, Angular, etc.) will be a plus
  • Familiarity with version control tool Git
  • Experience with Static site generator Hugo will be a plus
  • Understanding in object-oriented programming will be an advantage
  • Experience in Web service API is a plus
  • Experience in following up Technical Projects/ working in Networking field will be a plus
  • Familiar with Shopify will be a plus
  • Occasionally travel to Shenzhen office may be required
  • Technical SEO experience is preferred.
  • Good command of spoken in Cantonese, English and Mandarin
  • Hardworking, good team player, self-initiative and organized

Interested parties please send resume to jobs@gl-inet.com

UI/UX Designer

Published Date: 22 Jan, 2021

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrate traditional UX design phases (user research, wireframes/story boards, mock-ups, HTML/CSS builds) by using suitable tools
  • Develop UI for new features, add fit & finish to existing features, and refine complex prototypes
  • Coordinate with visual designers, product managers and engineers to ensure interaction and visual designs are implemented according to design specs and motion comps
  • Operationalize research insights into actionable, measurable UX goals and ensure accountability across the development lifecycle
  • Work both independently and collaboratively in creating, developing and launching high-quality websites and mobile applications
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with project teams in all stages of design and development
  • Manage the work to meet tight deadlines and ensure consistent quality
  • Write thoughtful, well-designed, compact code that empowers rapid iteration


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher on computer science, multimedia, interactive design or related aspects. Graduated in Hong Kong universities are preferred
  • Part time or freelance is also considered
  • Strong communication skills. Ability to work well in a collaborative team environment
  • Demonstrated ability to respond positively to changing requirements
  • Passion for improving quality, performance & reliability of engineering systems
  • Strong coding, debugging, algorithm design, and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to manage yourself and others to meet deadlines
  • Ability to identify problems or inefficiencies, propose solutions, & drive demonstrable improvements
  • 2+ years experience of shipping production software will be preferred

Interested parties please send resume to jobs@gl-inet.com

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