Internet of Things (IoT)

Enterprise IoT Goes Wireless

The Background

Traditional Devices in the Smart ERA

No IP Network

Traditional industrial devices mostly use RS485/RS232/Modbus protocols without IP network. It is very inconvenient to connect them to smart world.

No Wireless

A lot of industrial devices has Ethernet. Adding wireless capability is still not as simple as plug and play.

No Internet Failover

When devices are connected to the Internet, network failover is important to ensure data continuity which is generally not implemented.

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Enterprise IoT Goes Wireless

An IoT Solution for You

IoT Connectivity

  • Converting RS485/ RS232/ Modbus/ Ethernet to wireless
  • Converting BLE/ Zigbee/ LoRa etc. to IP network

IoT Security with Edge Computing

  • OpenVPN and Wireguard built-in
  • Data can be stored locally
  • Device control logic and data processing can be local

IoT Cloud Platform

  • Control devices remotely
  • Manage devices in bulk
  • Data statistics and processing

Application Scenarios

Smart Home Gateway

Convert regular homes into smart homes with an advanced home automation system.


  • Zigbee
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • Mesh
  • Home Assistant
Lighting Control

Temperature Control

Security Control

Home Appliance Control

Data Acquisition & Storage

IoT Cloud

Short Time to Market

Third-Party Compatible

Cloud Ready

  • MQTT based, connect your devices to the cloud in minutes
  • Implement a BLE to MQTT bridge easily for your application
  • Send you data to AWS IoT easily
  • Secure your data with TLS
  • IoT platform ready
  • Realtime manage devices in batch
  • Data statistics and processing
  • Wi-Fi spectrum analysis
  • One cloud for multiple businesses

Choose Your Devices

Spitz / GL-X750

  • Qualcomm QCA9531@650MHz
  • DDR2 128MB / FLASH 16MB
  • Support 50+ Users
  • 115 x 74 x 22mm

Amarok / GL-X1200

  • Qualcomm QCA9563 @775MHz
  • DDR2 128MB / FLASH 16MB
  • Support 100+ Users
  • 200 x 140 x 35mm

Convexa-S / GL-S1300

  • IPQ4029 Quad-core ARM, @717MHz
  • DDR3L 512MB / FLASH 16MB + EMMC 8GB
  • Support 100+ Users
  • 117 x 117 x 35mm

Brume / GL-MV1000

  • Marvell Armada 88F3720, @1.0GHz
  • DDR4 1GB / FLASH 16MB + EMMC 8GB
  • Support 100+ Users
  • 88 x 68 x 24mm

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