A Secure Tunnel for Remote Accessing your Devices

Create Public URIs for mirroring your local resources to the internet. Remote access your local web server, Raspberry Pi, IoT devices and more!

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Astrorelay Interface

Remote Access Solutions

Remote SSH

Remote access and manage your deployed routers and gateways via remote SSH terminal. Assign URIs for your fleet of deployed devices, and remote monitor data traffic, run maintenance diagnostics, configure settings, and upgrade firmwares, even under 4G LTE network.

SSH to Router
Remote Access Raspberry Pi

Remote Raspberry Pi

Remote access and manage your deployed Raspberry Pis. Assign URIs for your Raspberry Pis to remote access your device, even under 4G LTE network. Remote configure the settings of your machinary, sensors and devices without physical interference.


Remote access your local web servers. Assign URIs for your local web server, and collaborate with your multi-office or remote working web development team by sharing your AstrorRelay URIs with them. Assign whitelist or blacklist to IP addresses to restrict access.

Remote Access Local Server

AstroRelay Solution is Valuable to Your Business Growth

Compatible Devices

All of GL.iNet's devices are compatible with AstroRelay. To make the best out of your scenario, here's a list of popular devices: