Managing router devices online never become so easily

Manage Devices Online in Bulk

GoodCloud is a seamless online integration to help keep you moving fast and focused on your data analysis instead of the hassle of managing IoT devices.

Auto Discover

Devices connected to your local network can be automatically discovered. Organize and monitor them on one page.

Easy Device Registration

The Device ID can be found on the back of each GL.iNet router. Registering a device to GoodCloud is all with one click of a button.

Bulk Control

You can import the devices to GoodCloud in bulk via uploading Excel files and segment the devices for more granular control.

Actively Monitor All Devices

GoodCloud can provide realtime status for every registered device, therefore, you can check the health of your devices.

Image Description
Memory Usage
Image Description
Up Time
Image Description
System Load

Set up Routers Remotely

GoodCloud provides the infrastructure you need to set up your devices remotely. Change settings and it will take effect immediately.

Image Description

Sample image

Change Wi-Fi settings.

Sample image

Reboot router remotely.

Sample image

Upgrade over the air.

Fully Managed Connectivity

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Always connected

Get online and stay online. GoodCloud manages connections via Wi-Fi, Cellular, and Ethernet out of the box.

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Secure by default

GoodCloud is encrypted and secure. You can manage all devices anytime and anywhere.

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Scale infinitely

GoodCloud is reliable and scalable, giving you the confidence to continue growing your device lists at will.

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