About GL.iNet - Who we are:

Our Vision is to inspire smarter business and lifestyle solutions for customers and enterprises all over the world. We have gathered together international talents to build hardware and software network solutions that bring affordable and secure internet to you and your business.

GL.iNet is a brand that values you and your family

We bring powerful but affordable Wi-Fi networks to families across the globe. All of GL.iNet's devices are highly customizable for creating a personalized internet experience, and a user-friendly remote device management platform for monitoring, analytics, and device configuration.

GL.iNet is a brand that grows with your company

GL.iNet works with a wide range of industries, solving everyday internet problems in offices, and providing complex networking solutions such as smart buildings and IoT fleet management. We help companies ranging from start-ups to large enterprises adapt their network infrastructure to rapid expansion by providing Wi-Fi connectivity, network security and remote device management.

GL.iNet is a brand that understands your needs

Our team of engineers are passionate about understanding your challenges, utilizing their expertise to tailor network solutions for meeting your needs and solving your problems. At GL.iNet, We believe all successful businesses build upon a strong and secure foundation, which is why we put extreme effort on perfecting network security and reliability. GL.iNet, inspiring a smarter lifestyle for you, your family, and your business.

Our Journey

We are proud that others have found our products as interesting and exciting as we do.

November 2010 - Started in Shenzhen

November 2010

Started in Shenzhen

Our founding members, who shared the same vision, joined hands to start bringing creative projects to life.

April 2014 - Expanded to Hong Kong

April 2014

Expanded to Hong Kong

Became one of the start-ups under Hong Kong Science Park incubation program.

September 2014 - GL.iNet 6416

September 2014

Introduced our first product: GL.iNet 6416

A mini Wi-Fi router with pre-installed Openwrt which allows users to create custom-made firmware for routers.

July 2015 - Launched Domino.io

July 2015

Launched Domino.io on Kickstarter

Domino.io is an international teamwork to build an affordable and advanced Wi-Fi hardware platform for Things, and full life-cycle services for makers.

Late 2015 - GL-AR150 and GL-MiFi

Late 2015

Designed routers for OpenWrt developers: GL-AR150 and GL-MiFi

GL-AR150 is one of our all-time best-selling products and GL-MiFi is the world's first 4G Wi-Fi router with build-in battery and OpenWrt preinstalled.

Late 2016 - Introduced mini routers

Late 2016

Introduced more mini routers: GL-MT300N (Mango), GL-MT300A (Azure), GL-AR300M (Shadow)

Our mini routers received worldwide recognition from the media as well as our customers. Mango's annual sales volume exceeded 200K in over 40 countries and regions.

2017 - USB2.0 Wi-Fi router


Introduced world's first USB2.0 Wi-Fi router and the upgraded version of Mango

Hackaday referred GL-USB150 as “the Next Big thing”.

2018 - CES Innovation Award


Produced smarter and faster OpenWrt routers: Convexa B (GL-B1300), Creta (GL-AR750), Slate (GL-AR750S), and Spitz (GL-X750)

GL-AR750S is the Nominee of the 2019 CES Innovation Award.

2018 - established a facility in Shenzhen


Hit a new sales record and upgraded our factory

Introduced advanced manufacturing equipment and established a 3,000-square-meter manufacturing and logistics facility in Shenzhen (certified with ISO9001).

Our annual sales volume exceeded 500k.

Early 2019 - debut in CES and MWC

Early 2019

First debut in CES and MWC, first developer meetup and graduated from incubation program

We met like-minded people from all over the world in Las Vegas, the Bay area and Barcelona.

Early 2019 - GoodCloud

Early 2019

Released our first industrial, IoT & edge computing gateways and device management platform GoodCloud

GL-S1300 is a wireless IoT gateway that supports bluetooth for smart home solution. GL-X1200 is our first industrial-grade dual-sim 4G LTE gateway. GL-MV1000 features high performance in edge computing.

GoodCloud is a device management platform that enables remote access, network analytics and batch configuration for IT support.

Late 2019 - 2rd Kickstarter project

Late 2019

2rd Kickstarter project: GL-E750 (Mudi) is 100% funded in 8 hours

Mudi is a portable 4G LTE wireless router for road warriors, and it is one of 2020 CES Innovation Nominees for its state-of-art cybersecurity features.

Feb 2020 - Established US office

Feb 2020

Established US office in great Seattle area

The US branch is focusing on AstroRelay, a secure tunnel to remote accessing different devices.

Feb 2020 - Recognized by ISPs

Feb 2020

Recognized by ISPs: AT&T IoT certification

GL-X750V2 is an AT&T IoT certified device in the US.

2020 - Introduced gigabit travel router


Introduced the gigabit travel router Beryl (GL-MT1300), and the enterprise access point with 4G LTE Cirrus (GL-AP1300)

GL-MT1300 is our best wireless travel router so far. GL-AP1300 is our first EAP with enhanced security features and supports cellular backup for SMEs.

March 2021 - Launched AstroRelay

March 2021

Launched AstroRelay (Beta version)

AstroRelay is a secure reverse proxy that relays the data without modification and lets you create public URIs for accessing your local resources, even in 4G LTE networks and behind NAT.

April 2021 - Launched home Wi-Fi router

April 2021

Launched the tri-band whole home Wi-Fi router with enhanced security features Velica (GL-B2200)

Velica (GL-B2200) is an effort to introduce OpenWrt to whole home W-Fi coverage and unlock unlimited possibilities to smart home automation.

Mid 2021 - Introduced IoT gateways

Mid 2021

Introduced advanced 4G LTE IoT gateways: Puli (GL-XE300), GL-XD1 and Collie (GL-X300B)

Puli (GL-XE300) is a 4G LTE wireless IoT gateway, an upgraded version of our GL-MiFi. GL-XD1 is a 4G DTU gateway for different industries. Collie (GL-X300B) is a compact and cost-effective industrial 4G LTE gateway.

September 2021 - Wi-Fi 6

September 2021

Wi-Fi 6 and more to come...

Expanding our business into the IoT market and developing solutions for smart home, business IoT as well as Industrial IoT.

November 2021 - ICT Awards

November 2021

Certificate of Merit of ICT Awards 2021

We were granted the Smart Business (Solution for Business and Public Sector Enterprise) Award - Certificate of Merit of ICT Awards 2021.

April 2022 - Launched Wi-Fi 6 travel router

May 2022

Launched our first Wi-Fi 6 travel router: Slate AX (GL-AXT1800)

Slate AX (GL-AXT1800) is our first Wi-Fi 6 travel router comes with IPQ6000 1.2GHz quad-core processor. With the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, you can enjoy more capacity for connected devices and faster wireless speed on the road or at home.

January 2023 - Launched Wi-Fi 6 travel router

January 2023

Launched Wi-Fi 6 travel router: Beryl AX (GL-MT3000)

Beryl AX (GL-MT3000) is an AX3000 pocket-sized travel router that uses the Wi-Fi 6 protocol. It is an upgraded version of Beryl (GL-MT1300), it runs on MT7981B 1.3GHz dual-core processor, offering more than double the total Wi-Fi speed compared to previous generations.

Early 2023 - Attended CES and MWC showcasing

Early 2023

Attended CES and MWC showcasing: GL-S200, Spitz AX (GL-X3000), and Beryl AX (GL-MT3000)

Introducing the network connectivity industry with the smallest Wi-Fi 6 router in the market, powerful cellular 5G connectivity, and highly efficient Thread IoT mesh network.

Late 2023 - Launched our first dual-SIM 5G travel routers

Late 2023

Launched our first dual-SIM 5G travel routers

Spitz AX (GL-X3000) and Puli AX (GL-XE3000) ensures stable connectivity in remote locations or on the road by switching to the SIM card with a stronger network.

End 2023 - Unveiled our fastest Wi-Fi 6 VPN router yet

End of 2023

Unveiled our fastest Wi-Fi 6 VPN router yet

Flint 2 (GL-MT6000) delivers up to 900 Mbps with WireGuard. (OpenVPN speeds reaches 190 Mbps.)

Early 2024 - Released an all-new version of Mudi

Early 2024

Released an all-new version of Mudi V2

Mudi V2 (GL-E750V2), our latest portable travel router, supports global carriers and lasts 6-8 hours per charge.

March 2024 - Debuted Marble, our first router with design elements

March 2024

Debuted Marble, our first router with design elements

Marble (GL-B3000) is an aesthetic router with rich features and functionality. Also launched GL-S20, a Thread Border router.

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