Quickly Setting up and Easily Managing GL.iNet Devices
at Your Fingertips!

Controlling Multiple Devices Remotely on-the-Go!

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GL.iNet App

GL.iNet Smartphone App provides the simplest way to set up, and manage your GL.iNet devices locally or remotely through mobile devices with iOS 8 and above, or Android 4.1 and above. GL.iNet App has a clean and simple user interface. Using one dashboard, you can get real-time information about your device status and health. With simply a few taps, you can change basic settings or set up security features.

Controlling Your Devices Becomes Absolutely Handy!

Setting up Your Router

The App guides you through finding and setting up your router including login password, Internet connection, LAN subnet, Wi-Fi name and pass-phrase. It, moreover, synchronizes your router's time the same as your smart-phone.

Rebooting and Upgrading

Reboot your devices anytime if you want. Discover new firmware and upgrade the router once you are connected.

Monitoring and Maneuvering Those
Who Are Using Your Router

Band-Width Monitoring

Monitoring the real-time band width usage of each client

Speed Limiting

Limiting the band-width of individual clients to optimize the network performance

Blocking Unknown Clients

Getting notification (you need to enable control if you adopt this feature) when a new device is connected to your router, and block it instantly.

Local Control Mode for Your Privacy

Local Mode for Enhanced Privacy

You don't need to register, and use the cloud in order to use your device and App. Simply control the device locally without any data going to the cloud.

Remembering and Storing Login Password Securely

The App can remember and store the login passwords of each individual router securely in your smart-phone. You don't need to type your password every time.

We Don't Ask for Extra Permission

Except for guiding your smart-phone for connection to your router, we don’t ask for any extra permissions on your phone. It is simply a clean App!

Going Anonymous with Tor
on the Router

From firmware v3.1x, we have Tor built on the router. When you enable Tor, all of your clients connected to the router will go through Tor. This helps to conceal your data from surveillance. Just a kind reminder, you need to employ incognito or private mode in your browser.


Setting up VPN on Your Router
through Fiddling

Now you can set up VPN in your router easily in your smart-phone. Simply choose your VPN service provider and input your credentials, and the App will retrieve all VPN configurations automatically. Then simply choose your favorite VPN server and your router will be configured automatically.

* Under Development

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